Safe Car Storage in Germiston, Johannesburg

Are you going on a trip for more than a month? Or perhaps you have a car you want to hang to until your daughter / son is old enough to drive? Then it is wise to consider car storage for the vehicle.

Storing the vehicle not only saves space, but it also protects the car – from the elements outside, from potential damage in your garage, and from being stolen.

Car storage in Germiston

When using storage however, you can’t just drive up the facility and put your car away. It is important to prepare the vehicle properly to ensure it stays in good condition.

Here we will outline how to prepare your car for long term storage.

1. Keep it clean Clean the car thoroughly just before putting it into storage. Any mud or dirt left on the vehicle will cause damage to paint and bodywork over time. After cleaning thoroughly, add a final layer of protective wax.

Also take care to clean the inside of the vehicle. Use a vacuum cleaner, and with the little attachments, get into all the little crevices. The goal is to remove anything that could end up going mouldy, or would attract insects.

2. Clean oil Dirty oil contains water and acids that can lead to rust if left for long, so it is important to change the oil before putting the car into storage. Your best approach would be to do an oil and filter service. If you are leaving the car for less than 6 months you may be able to get away without this, but it is recommended.

3. Top up Top up all the fluids before putting into storage – brake fluid, anti-freeze, and petrol. Temperature changes can lead to condensation, and if the fluid containers are not filled up, the condensation can lead to corrosion.

4. Tyre trouble Flat spots and dry rot can occur on tyres of cars that are sitting for long periods of time. You can avoid this by taking off the tyres and placing the car on jacks for the duration of the storage.

5. Windscreen wipers The rubber of the wipers can becomes stuck on the windshield after not being used for a while. Rather remove them before putting car into storage.

6. The handbrake If the handbrake is kept on for the duration of the storage period, it could end up seizing. A safe approach would be to leave it down. To stop the vehicle from moving, you can either place blocks behind the tyres if you are keeping them on, or remove the tyres entirely and place the vehicle on jacks.

7. Find the right car storage facility The ideal storage facility will have easy access - you don’t want to risk scratching your car while trying to navigate narrow entrances to the storage unit.

The security offered by the facility is also very important. We have a security company based on the premises, and offer 24 hour surveillance and security. Our units are within a warehouse, and the warehouse is surrounded by palisade fencing.