Safe Trailer Storage in Germiston, Johannesburg

Trailers are the kind of equipment that are generally used sporadically throughout the year (unless you own a landscaping company, or a small furniture removals company). Because of this, you may find that you need to store your trailer for periods of time.

You could keep it in your garage – but then it takes up valuable space. Especially it is a large trailer, such as those used for boats. You could keep it outside – but that would expose it to the elements, potentially causing damage. It also makes it easier to steal the trailer.

Your best option, if you will not be using the trailer for a while, is to store your trailer in a storage facility. There are many options for trailer storage in Johannesburg. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the best facility for your trailer:

  1. Does the facility offer covered, or only outdoor, storage?
  2. If it is covered, is it indoors, or simply under a cover?
  3. Can anyone else access your trailer, or only whoever has the key?
  4. Does the facility have adequate security and safety measures?
  5. Does the facility allow you access 7 days a week?

Once you have decided on the storage facility you will use, it is now time to prepare the trailer properly for storage. It is more than simply driving up to the site, unhooking, and locking up.

Here are some tips when storing a caravan.

1. Remove batteries This is dependent on what kind of trailer you own. Removing any batteries will prevent corrosion. If you are going to keeping the trailer in storage for longer than 3 months, it is recommended to recharge the batteries every 90 days.

2. Reduce the load To take the weight off the tires and suspension, remove the tyres and place the trailer on jacks. Tyres that are sitting for long periods of time with added weight develop bald spots, so removing them will prolong the life of the tyres. Ensure to place the frame only on the jacks, not any other part of the trailer.

3. Protect moving parts Coat all the moving parts including the hinges, trailer hitch, and suspension parts with grease or other suitable lubricant.

4. Safety first Trailers are often heavy items, and can cause injuries if improperly handled or stored. It is very important to keep safety in mind when working with them. When preparing your trailer for storage, don’t go underneath the trailer unless it is supported properly by load-rated jack stands. Don’t place trailers on their side or on its end. They could end up falling over, and injuring you if are still working on it, or breaking if they land very hard.

Our staff are very experienced and well-trained. If you have any questions about our trailer storage in Johannesburg, give us a call. We will happy to help!

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